Its Interstellar Armageddon


Help Save Earth in an Inter Stellar War 


Enter the Universe of Final Contact and embark on mission to save mankind from an advanced human civilization hell bent on wiping out humanity to seize the earth for their own kind.


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Earth has begun its travel into Deep Space, discovering a series a Jump Gates, that allow for intergalactic travel. Left by ancient civilization, these Jump gates lead to First Contact, only to discover there are only a few life sustaining planets left in the galaxy that all the other alien races are in an intergalactic war over. You’ll engage in multiple dog fight scenarios against different species, destroying, fighters, battle cruisers, space stations, and even entire planets in a battle to save the Earth from conquest. It’s all or nothing in a race to save the human race in this game of Intergalactic Genocide.


Universal Armageddon has Arrived



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