What’s it about?


Final Contact is a game project that began almost 4 years ago. What started out as a much simpler 2D space shooter originally conceived for the mobile platforms, overtime has evolved into a much more ambitious project.


While still a 2D game and developed completely in html5, Final Contact has evolved into a much higher quality pseudo 3D game development project. We’ve progressed to utilizing real 3d objects, painstakingly rendered into 2d animations, some very creative development techniques, along with some spectacular special effects to create a unique space simulator / shooter adventure game.


Heavily influenced by science fiction movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, Wing Commander, and a variety great games also inspired by the genre like Wing Commander, StarCitizen, Elite Dangerous, and a number of Star Wars inspired games, Final Contact has set out to join the ranks of the great space games available today.


Our goal is to provide an action packed pseudo realistic space simulator/shooter with broad appeal throughout the genre. A game that puts you right in the action without the long hours of learning curve like some of the far more immersive games like Starcitizen and Elite Dangerous require.


Final Contact will be a series of progressive missions whose stage set in the near future in a war primarily against a race of superior humans bent on wiping out lesser humans to possess their habitable planets. Of course, there will be plenty of alien species to engage with as well.


Final Contact is designed to be attractive to high-end space gamers but, with a much broader appeal throughout the genre to gamers less interested with complexity of gameplay required by games like Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen. But we don’t want to limit our audience to space gamers and science fiction fans. Final Contact will have appeal to anyone that loves a great shooter experience as well. With mission requirements and a scoring mechanism, like any great shooter, gamers (fighter pilots) will increase in rank and gain access to a broader array powerful weapons and fighters while trying to save earth by inflicting heavy damage to enemy forces.


Players will engage in multiple types of scenarios, dogfights with enemy fighters and bombing missions against battle cruisers, space stations, and even planetary destruction.


It’s Intergalactic Armageddon in the race to save humanity in this dark and desperate futuristic setting.


Final Contact is being developed for the PC, STEAM, Android, IOS, and WindowsPhone.


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