Final Contact is proud to announce its partnership with Indie Startup “Game Legend”, a new and exciting unique phone accessory for enhancing the mobile gaming experience.

So what is Game Legend and why are we excited about it? Game Legend is a set clear adhesives that you apply to your mobile device or tablet where the touch controls exist on any game allowing you to “feel the game” controls.

GL-Banner-336x280-No-PriceAfter being approached by Steve Harper, CEO and founder of Game Legend, I have to admit, I was a little confused about it at first. He was sure our game would be a perfect fit for demonstrating its effectiveness with the mobile version of our game having touch controls. We talked a bit about it and he sent us some Game Legend sample kits. After receiving them, we anxiously placed them on our mobile phones and gave it a spin. After a few minutes we got it. Wow, did we get it! Since Final Contact is being developed for the PC as well as mobile devices, most of the testing is done on the PC with a gamepad during development but, when we used it to test our game on mobile devices my perception was transformed. Final Contact is a particularly intense game and we realized how much easier it was to focus on the game when you can feel the touch controls on the mobile device allowing us to focus on the gameplay. Much the same way you concentrate on a PC using a gamepad. You don’t look at a gamepad when you play, you just play by feel.

But we didn’t stop there. We took the game to a 57 inch WiFi enabled TV and used screen mirroring to beam the game to the big screen and WOW again. I had tried playing the game with screen mirroring before but, found it almost impossible to play since your attention needs to be on the big screen and you can’t feel the touch controls of the mobile device. Game Legend changed everything.


  Without Game Legend                                                                    With Game Legend

We became especially excited about this for 2 reasons. We realized we could provide an option to remove our touch controls from the mobile versions. This would free up screen space and allow greater visibility of the action during gameplay on mobile devices and for gamers who want to beam the action to WiFi enabled TV’s using screen mirroring or Apple airplay, the touch controls wouldn’t appear on the big screen.

Since we first received our Game Legend samples, we’ve been utilizing it continuously to enhance game testing on mobile devices.


Final Contact Now plans to be the first major Indie title to make the mobile versions our game, “Game Legend Ready” by providing an option to hide the touch controls after applying the Game Legend touch adhesives.

Final Contact now plans to engage in a mutually beneficial partnership arrangement by promoting Game Legend in several upcoming promotions. Final Contact will give away 10 Free Game Legend kits in a social media promotional strategy for 6 weeks. During that time we’ll be asking followers to sign up for news & announcements with a chance to win a free Game Legend kit. In addition, we plan to use Game Legend kits as a gratuity gift in our upcoming IndieGoGo. In return Game Legend will feature Final Contact on their website and include our game in several promotions of their own including featuring Final Contact on their list of “Game Legend Ready” games.

We’re excited about Game Legend and how it enhances gameplay with our game, Final Contact and we’re sure mobile gamers will be too.

We think partnering with, and supporting other Indie Companies is an important step in our social media promotion campaigns and Game Legend is a great Indie product. It’s simple, durable, and it works!

If you’re interested in learning more about Game Legend, you can visit their website at and to subscribe for a chance to win a free Game Legend kit, visit our subscribers page here.


Dominick Gentile
Lead Developer/CEO