Discover the Story behind the Game that sets the stage for this amazing project.


Battle your way across the galaxy to defeat a superior enemy before Earth falls victim to it’s unending conquest.


Chapter 1




In the not too distant future, mankind makes significant technological advances and begins to explore the solar system, colonizing Mars, building space stations, and settling in outposts throughout the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.
Even in the dawn of this new Era of exploration and advancement, humanity continued to wage war amongst his own kind, still believing in his ignorance that he was alone in the universe. All the while the human race continued to teeter on the brink of destruction until one inevitable discovery changed everything.
A lone survey craft making its way round the far side of Neptune happens upon the discovery that would change the future of the inhabitants of Earth forever. There in orbit, lying still in the shadow of Neptune, undiscovered till now, was a large circular construct of alien origin. A Jump Gate, one of thousands scattered throughout the Galaxy, capable of opening wormholes to other worlds too distant to reach by any conventional technology. This Jump Gate left behind by a now, long extinct race. But the Jump Gate was not the only thing they found.
A derelict space craft, damaged and lifeless, spun slowly on It’s side in darkness just a few hundred kilometers from the Jump Gate. While clearly not of earthly origin, the intent of its design was clear. A battle cruiser. In those first fateful moments of discovery, the survey crafts occupants became aware that we were no longer alone in the universe and with that knowledge came the realization that whatever alien intelligence had constructed it, they were not benign. Yet the more astonishing discoveries were yet to come. Although the ship’s inhabitants had been dead and frozen in the vacuum of space for an unknown amount of time, they were not completely alien. They were human. Well, almost human.
Word spread quickly across the colonies and back to earth. Fear and speculation crept over the human race. Fear of the unknown. Tensions increased between the nations of earth and it’s stellar colonies. Only the need to unravel the mystery of the derelict battle cruiser and discovery of the Jump Gate held the warring factions at bay on earth and throughout the solar system.
Scientists and military from all nations were sent to investigate the Jump Gate and the mysterious battle cruiser that lay at the edge of our solar reach, anxious to discover its origin and possible intent for being there. Who were these seemingly human but, alien inhabitants and even more troubling, what circumstances had led to the vessel’s demise.
Scores of scientists and engineers went to work attempting to unravel the mystery of this fantastic discovery but, the mystery wasn’t the only thing they hoped to discern. Reverse engineering the advanced technology was foremost on their minds as all of humanity stood by anxiously awaiting answers.
Months went by but, eventually the combined efforts of the nation’s top scientific minds began to gain ground in understanding the ship’s technology but, the battle cruisers inhabitants still remained a mystery.
Back on earth tensions between the nations were building. Fear and distrust of the alien discovery and its technology fueled the already volatile situation. Fear of the unknown. Some felt it better to wage war before one nation or the other gained some unknown technological advantage over the other but, an uneasy truce prevailed.
In the meantime just beyond Neptune, scientist were able to restore power to the ship and some of it’s systems, learning much about the more advanced technology yet, still the more they learned, the greater the mystery until through trial and error but, mostly ignorance, they activated something by mistake. The Jump Gate.
In that moment the lifeless construct came alive, spinning and crackling with energy collapsing into its interior followed by a blinding light that erupted from its interior and along with their shock and awe, came the message. A signal so powerful, broadcast and heard on every frequency. It reached it way across the solar system. It was received and heard by every man, woman, and child. It seemed mankind simultaneously came to standstill as they watched and listened to the alien transmission.
A figure appeared, an elderly human, he seemed to be waiting as if to be sure he had the whole of humanity’s attention before speaking, staring back with a slight but patient smile as if aware at the billions who watched confused and astonished.
Every living man, woman, and child across the solar system was fixated on the transmission, that strangely human face that seemed to be peering into the heart of every last one of them, as they stood silently united as he began to speak.
“We are the forbears.” The words he spoke were understandable and seem to be in every language and dialect of the human race as he continued.
“For a time before and beyond your understanding we traversed the galaxy exploring and mapping the cosmos, planting the seeds of humanity amongst the stars. Some of those seeds flourished while others failed to take root and perished. You, the people of this world, are one of those seeds.”
“Amongst some of those seeds one such civilization thrived above all others, having survived their adolescents and near self destruction as all the sons humankind must eventually transcend or perish, they advanced in science and as a society eliminating war, disease, famine, and even death. They rose from their world and began to explore and we welcomed them, sharing knowledge with them, as they showed such promise. But they were a people unfulfilled. They began to seek perfection altering their biology and in doing so, eventually lost what truly made them human. They populations grew and with it the need for more world’s to inhabit until they became a plague on the galaxy. Other intelligent species feared these neo humans but, they avoided their world’s for they valued their long lives and sought to avoid wars. Seeing themselves as superior, they turned their attention to other worlds inhabited by humans and began, annihilating them one by one to make room for their endless expansion. We realized too late the danger they had become as they turned against us as well. They tried to force our more advanced knowledge from us but we refused. Some of our kind fled the galaxy but, a few of us remained in the hope we my save the seeds of humanity before all were destroyed.”
“If you have survived long enough to discover this message and have re-activated the Jump Gate, then know your world is in danger, for they are coming. We have only delayed their inevitable return in the hope you would advance far enough to be able discover this message and within this vessel we have placed advanced knowledge that we denied to them. Use this vessels technology and all that we have left with it to prepare yourselves. Destroy them if you can before nothing remains of humanity in the galaxy. Look for no aid from other civilizations. You will not find them welcoming for they have come to fear all humans.”
“We regret that we can aid you no further, for alas we are no more. This to be our first and Final Contact….”
On that day all wars came to end. Man stopped killing man and made peace with himself forgetting all his differences. United, humankind began to prepare themselves. No longer would he wage war upon his brother but, he would wage war against these invaders who would take his world for their own. He would turn all of his hate towards this yet unseen enemy and was resolute in knowing that they would never take this world from him and his children, and his children’s children, for if there was one thing the humans of earth new, it was war, and they would make sure that these neo-humans new what war was.

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