All monies pledged go directly to the projects development


We need your support to help fund this amazing project.


Find out more about our crowdfunding campaign. our goals, and the different
options available to help get this project off the ground an into space.



We’re preparing right now for an upcoming IndieGoGo fundraising campaign. Our goal will be to raise 50,000 dollars but, we hope to exceed that with your help and raise up to 100,000 dollars in this initial fundraising campaign.
Thanks to you, the fans, we have an incredibly large and loyal following with the Final Contact Project. With your support we can make this amazing project a reality by creating an immersive game experience that’s just as good on your mobile device, as it is on your PC.
Final Contact is an intense Space Simulator/Shooter that puts you right in action with little or no instruction. With extraordinary graphics, effects, and gameplay you’ll travel throughout the galaxy battling an array of enemy fighters and battle cruisers in multiple scenarios raining destruction on enemy forces.



Like all Game Projects, we have real funding needs to make this project reality.


The following is a brief outline of our primary needs for this fundraiser.

  • 3D Models
    We need tons of 3D models and a 3D StudioMax/Maya Pro to help design and create new meshes for existing material.
  • Epic Soundtracks
    Nothing makes a great game like epic adventure music that gives the player that “in the movie” feel when playing.
  • Software Licensing
    There is an array of 3rd party software required in the development process from audio editing, graphics creation, and particle effects, (to name a few) to create the highest quality game.
  • GDC
    We plan to take Final Contact to GDC and need your support to get there where we can exhibit a demo and promote project to it’s full potential.
  • Software Engineer
    We need a software Engineer to assist with packaging and licensing across the various platforms from the PC & Steam to all the mobile platforms – Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.
  • Marketing & Promotion
    We know our genre and reaching our audience requires has marketing costs. Marketing makes up half of any great game campaign.


Help us get started now

Raising money takes money and you can help us get started now.
There are a lot of pre-promotion costs we’re trying to cover while preparing
for our fundraiser. Press release services require monthly subscriptions
for announcements / press releases to the gaming industry, Facebook marketing,
and getting Greenlit on Steam are just a few of initial costs prior to Indiegogo.


Of coarse you’ll be fully accredited with same benefits and gratuity
offerings in out Indiegogo.