Gameplay Videos

Here you can review videos that we recorded throughout the development process since Final Contact first began. The videos begin with the most recent to oldest. You can really see the evolution of
Final Contact since it first began through these videos and how our vision what this game should be has transformed over time.


This is our 1st Teaser Trailer for our upcoming IndieGoGo. We plan to add a speaking portion to this video and have to 2 additional more extensive trailers following this one.

We’ll be announcing our IndieGoGo crowdfunder soon and we hope you’ll follow along and support us with this amazing project.

Final Contact is an intense space sim/shooter gamin experience that will take you on an adventure across the galaxy waging war against an advanced human civilization hell bent on seizing the Earth for it’s own expansion, and against other alien races as well. This is an action packed gaming experience of intense missions that will first release on Steam, followed by releases on all of the mobile platforms; IOS, Android, and WindowsPhone.



This is sneak peak at the most recent changes in Final Contact (Level 1). While not complete, you can see the HUD has a new look. It’s more high tech, freeing up more screen space for better visualization of the actual gameplay. We’ve replaced the original enemy fighters with more realistic 3D models, better effects, improved explosions, with more frames to all animations to give it a much smoother realistic feel.



This the first video I recorded of Level 1 in HD after doing some debugging and optimization prior to an upcoming Beta test. There’s still quit a bit of modifications before the beta test. Hope you enjoy this sneak peak. This video was recorded from the desktop playing with a xbox 360 gamepad.



The Latest Game Play Video with the New expanded HUD created with the original prototype. I’ve modified the HUD for full screen mode on the PC. That’s right, “The PC”. I hope to bring Final Contact to Steam making the same game available for the PC, playable with a gamepad. All the video’s were recorded playing on PC with a Xbox 360 gamepad.



This is an older video of Level 2 from the original prototype. We’ve come long way since then…



This is the first video ever rescored of Level 1 from the original prototype.